Guide for color-treated hair

Dyeing your hair is a great way to express yourself, whether it’s a simple color change to something more vibrant and eye catching. However, we have to remind ourselves that the procedure itself can be damaging to our scalp and hair. Here’s a couple tips on how to take care of your scalp and newly colored hair!

  1. Use products specifically for color-treated hair.
  2. Use products that cater to your newly dyed hair in order to keep the color last as long as possible. Using regular shampoos can strip the colors because of certain ingredients. Regular shampoos may also not be as moisturizing for your colored hair because the procedure of dying your hair can cause it to become more damaged and rough from all the chemicals.

    Our Absolute Hair Shampoo and Treatment have ingredients that lock in the color of your hair as well as having 10 natural moisturizing factors that’ll keep your locks soft and silky.

  3. Wash your hair less often.
  4. To maintain your color, do not wash your hair everyday. Less is more. Use a dry shampoo safe for color-treated hair. It’ll keep your hair looking fresh and clean while retaining your hair color for a longer period of time.

    Our Sebum Control Dry Shampoo is formulated with cornstarch and charcoal, ingredients that will absorb the excess oil to make your hair fresh and clean along with giving it some volume.

    Most importantly, it is safe for color-treated hair!

  5. Use hair oil essence.
  6. Hair oil essence should be used daily to maintain and protect your hair. It helps retain moisture that your newly colored hair will desperately need while preventing breakage and hair damage. There is the added benefit that using a hair oil essence will make your hair silky soft and smooth.

    Our Absolute Silk Oil Essence is lightweight and non-greasy that protects your color-treated hair from heat and hair tools.

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