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When formulating our products, we prioritize high quality and our customer needs. By utilizing the knowledge and data gathered from clinical trials and research, we are devoted to creating effective, innovative products based on experiments and data to address your specific needs. With that in mind, we are constantly driven to have a positive impact in the hair care industry and serve as a standard for the hair care industry.

Our Formula

Folligen ComplexTM

Notable patented technology includes our Folligen Complex™ in our bestselling Folligen Line. The complex is formulated with three key ingredients of Biotin, Ceramide NP, and Saw Palmetto Extract. The three ingredients form a special synergy that can help improve hair loss symptoms by focusing on your scalp’s health. We know it is absolutely crucial for your scalp to be its utmost healthiest in order to see any progress to your hair troubles.

For those with sensitive scalps, our PhytotherapyTM purifying solution from our Phyto Therapy Line would suit your scalp needs the most. Formulated with Alginic Acid, Camellia Flower Extract, and Moringa Seed Extract, the complex is vital for a stress-free scalp. The three ingredients purifies, soothes, protects, and balances sensitive scalps. We believe that our products can help our customers rediscover their confidence through consistently having a healthy scalp and hair.

Phyto Therapy ComplexTM


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