Oily Scalp Care

Excessive sebum is another name for oily scalp.  Many of us wouldn't bat an eye at the sight of a few oil drops collecting on the corners of our noses, or even the appearance of oily palms. But excessive sebum on oily scalp? That will have us reaching for our shampoo bottles faster than we can say "oily hair". Excessive sebum secretion is one of the most common causes of an aggravating and embarrassing condition commonly known as greasy or oily hair. Excessive sebum secretion not only makes hair look unappealing but also leads to many scalp issues such as sticky sebum, unpleasant odor, dry scalp, and leave-in residue.

Phyto Fresh Shampoo 01Phyto Fresh Shampoo 02

Most people with oily scalps are aware of the importance of hair care, but those with excessive sebum problems have to be extra careful. Their scalp issues should be treated carefully and with the use of Phyto Fresh Shampoo, you will see a drastic change in scalp health.

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